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Paranorman Review (20013) 31 Days Of Halloween Horror Movie HD

Posted on 14. Oct, 2013 by in Featured

Check back throughout October for a review discussion of a different horror movie every day! Watch clips from PARANORMAN: http://goo.gl/L1Yzgu Watch more HOR…

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25 Responses to “Paranorman Review (20013) 31 Days Of Halloween Horror Movie HD”

  1. Vile Insect says:

    can i suggest something? you need a thing like wear mask all the time, cause i had trouble seeing two dudes sitting and talking no offense

  2. DethroneME says:

    Can you guys do these kinds of reviews for Christmas? I really enjoy these.

  3. Kyal Grantham says:

    Hmm.. Might have to move some things around but i think I’ll be able to make it.

  4. Nate Shu says:

    2012 was the year, not 2013.

  5. toomuchshipstoship Nazurin says:

    wow that’s a long time before we get to watch this…

  6. Andy Thomas says:

    WATCH NOW FOR FREE AT: va4movie.com

  7. chris nicopoulos says:

    it was the year 20013

  8. ethanSADTP says:

    This movie deals with social outcasting, atheism, theism, the salem witch trials, burning a little girl alive, dead corpses falling on top of a kid and their tongue rolling out and licking him, and a little bit of homosexuality right at the end there. In other words, the best kids movie ever!

  9. ethanSADTP says:

    oh, and the psychology of police authority going to their heads ‘What are you people doing firing loaded weapons into a crowded street? That is for the police to do!’

  10. B!NG STUDIO says:

    Nice typo guys.. Leave it like that.. It’s funny

  11. Qiu Hao Yang Kevin says:


  12. charlies animations says:

    20013+ my wired humor = 😀

  13. Quinten Blokker says:

    They can see the futen

  14. HungerGamesSurvivor says:


  15. tam nguyen says:

    I really really hope that they will make a sequel story about Coraline and Norman

  16. Justin Wolownik says:

    I thought this movie was great, but Corline creeped the f*ck out of me (not that it was a bad movie).

  17. Soge King says:

    20013 HOLY FUAQ

  18. Jay V says:

    Lol I thought I’d be dead in 20013

  19. TheAvrageJo says:

    Really paranorman

  20. Gabriel Lopez says:

    Type o on 2013

  21. Azza B says:

    20013? Wtf?

  22. The Seven Angels says:

    why is there a new guy (left)?

  23. aladin alianu says:

    WATCH IT NOW: va4movie.com

  24. realbglow says:

    Holy shit can the guy on the right stop fucking whistling in every fucking review he does

  25. DOMAlN says:

    Looks to cheap for a movie coming out in 18000 years.. :l

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